Let's Start at the Very Beginning...

On September 15th, Katy and Andy found out that Baby Jacob has a life-threatening condition called Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH). CDH is a very serious condition in which a hole in the diaphragm allows abdominal organs to move into the chest restricting lung development. In Jacob's case, his liver is also squishing his heart and displacing other organs. CDH occurs in about 1 out of every 3,000 pregnancies and has a mortality rate of 50%. To make matters more complicated, Jacob has Right-Sided CDH which only occurs in about 10% of CDH cases and is typically more severe. They are so blessed to have found this out when they did, or Baby Jacob would have surely died at birth.

They will be delivering at UW Hospital in Seattle and later transferred to Seattle Children’s. Thank you to everyone who has already begun praying, and everyone who will now. Baby Jacob is blessed to have all of you thinking and praying for him.

Naming Him Jacob

Sept 27, 2011 -Many people have asked Katy why she wanted to name Jacob, Jacob. Here is her story in her own words.
I had this pressing feeling on my heart like that was what his name should be. I didn't pick it. It came to me. Since about the middle of my pregnancy, I have felt that God wanted me to name him Jacob. We were driving over Snoqualmie Pass when the urge was so strong, I just asked Andy if we could name the baby that. I can't even explain where the name came from except the way my spirit was moved, it had to have been from the Holy Spirit.   
God has always had an extra strong presence during this pregnancy. We were at Mass one day in August, and I had a strong feeling that something was wrong-maybe wrong isn't the right word. I had a feeling that God's hand was on Jacob. That He was ever present in Baby Jacob's unborn life but I didn't know why. I hadn't told anyone that I had been feeling this for quite a while. The choir was singing a song and the words were "I have a maker. He formed my heart. And before even time began, my life was in his hands. He knows my name. He knows my every thought. He sees each tear that falls and hears me when I call." I started crying almost uncontrollably. It was an amazingly overwhelming feeling that my baby was in God's hands and He had some special plan for him. (At that point, we had no reason to think anything was abnormal about this pregnancy.) Although we like to pick uncommon names for our kids, I knew it had to be Jacob.


  1. God is full of mysterious miracles. He Knows My Name says it all. My son, Wyatt, was is a survivor of CDH. He is 4 and if the staff at your hospital is anything like the U of PA, you are in the very best of hands, medically. Remember with God anything is possible! He made, named, and has amazing plans for your little fighter. Wyatt's prayer circle which spans across the East Coast is praying heavily that God will continue to lay his hands upon your baby. Many Blessing to you and your family.

  2. Wow! Thank you for your inspirational comments. They are very comforting. And most especially, thank you for everyone's prayers in your prayer circle!